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Working at Height


Working at height is defined as a height where a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. So does your organisation have employees that use stepladders, ladders, scaffolds, mobile elevating work platforms and work on or have to access structures or rooftops? If so, then the Work at Height Regulations apply to you. Do your employees know about the risks they run in working at height and the systems of work that are required to keep them safe? Do they know how to identify obvious defects in workplaces they might visit while working at height? If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above then your organisation may be in breach of the Work at Height Regulations and could be prosecuted or fined or be exposed to significant legal claims.The provision of training is not a matter of choice or optional, it is an absolute legal requirement for your company. Falls from height account for one death every week. In addition, there are seven major injuries resulting in broken bones or being unable to carry out normal working duties every day due to a fall from height. Remarkably, two thirds of people with major injuries have fallen from a height of less than two metres.

Aims of the Course

Working at Height from Praxis42 aims to help your organisation be legally compliant with the Work at Height Regulations. It’s designed to promote a culture within your business that encourages everyone to consider the risks associated with working at height, and follow safe procedures while undertaking work.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at all levels of employees who may undertake or plan work at height. Developed by qualified and experienced health, safety and environment professionals with many years experience in the delivery of training solutions. The result is a high quality training solution that gives the trainee the necessary tools to meet their health, safety and environment obligations and the organisation a level of compliance through an engaging and effective learning medium.

How is it Delivered?

Working at Height can be delivered online or through a computer network to each trainee at their desktop or laptop or other device. We can also provide the course to be integrated into a SCORM compliant LMS. The training can be completed at the trainee’s own pace by ‘book marking’ and recording progress and returning to the training at a later stage. In delivering the training in this way the normal costs of training are reduced whilst still achieving the desired awareness and compliance with the organisation’s legal responsibilities.

Compliance Record Keeping Easily Solved

An invaluable feature of Praxis42 eLearning modules is our learning management system called the eSP, our eSolutions Platform.This solves the problem of compliance record keeping by recording all training and completion of courses and making these records available for you to view and manage electronically.
No more struggling to find training records should you have a visit from the enforcing agency or an audit. Training certificates can be printed by the trainee once the course is completed and the end assessment successfully passed.

Course Summary

The Working at Height course from Praxis42 helps trainees understand the requirements of working safely by following the Health and Safety Executive’s Guidance notes,‘Safe use of Ladders and Step Ladders – An employers guide’ IND(G) 402 and ‘The Work at Height Regulations – A Brief Guide’ IND(G) 401.

Additional information

Working at Height Guide (pdf) Download Pdf